The Coinkydinkal Apocalypse

— Ain’t ‘coincidence’ Grand?

The Great Flu Pandemic of 1918. Coinkydinkally happened after the Great War to End All Wars. Which (of course) Wasn’t. which WAS however, the First Use of BioWarfare. Mustard Gas (from which all CONtagions Flow). The First Mass Experiment. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ah, the Modern Era!

And now, here we are in the Second War — I mean, Pandemic. (Those aren’t ‘Wars.’ Technically. They’re “Tribal Conflicts” or “Religious Conflicts.” Which, ironically, the CIA just happens to have ‘Interests’ in. In one case — the proverbial Tribal Conflict — the CIA was (covertly) funding Both Sides of the CONflict. Coinkydinks that, Yes?

Resident Trumpf just happens to ‘shut down’ the Pandemic Response Team and firing the Coordinator of said outfit, a mere month or two before this Pandemic happens to hit. Oh, and defunding the CDC Viral Response Team as well. [VERY] Co-Inky-dinks. [See?]

All the meanwhile, whilst ranting about the whole Coronovirus (COVID-19) being a “Democratic Hoax” and putting the (Seven Hills Dominion) Vice Resident Pence on as the COVID-19 ‘White House Response Team’ (He, of the ‘We don’t need no Stinking Science,’ We’ve got this Handled through Prayer Response to the HIV Crisis [Those Gay People Got to Go before Jesus will Come]), Resident Trumpf has just announced that he is being Tested for that ‘fictional’ hoax. Oh, well. He can learn.

Are we seeing a Pattern here yet? Yes, you can brush it off as I’m ‘yet another “Conspiracy Theorist”,’ but in a Court of Law, the phrase “Preponderance of Evidence” bears the Weight of Conviction. And there are only so many ‘coincidences’ (Two is a Criminal Enterprise, Three or More is a Conspiracy to Commit — ) that can come to light whereby the Preponderance of ‘Yeah, Maybe You’re Right’ comes into the picture.

And that Other Phrase, “Only Time Will Tell” currently comes to mind as well. But “It’s Too Late” also burns into history. Much like the devastation of the Flu of 1918. First War, then Disease. Deadly coincidence, wasn’t it?

In the meantime… We’re under a Self-Imposed form of Martial Law. No Rallies. No Primaries. No Conventions. And pretty soon, No National Elections. From Someone who didn’t ‘believe’ that IT was a Real Thing, all of a sudden he’s been tested. Coinkydinkal, indeed!



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Robin Chappell

Robin Chappell

I Think, and I Know Things. I Create, Therefore I Am. Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Author of the Collection of Short Stories “Dreams, Desires, and Dead Ends.”