Privacy, and the DataFuck

Yes, you DO have something to hide…

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The first thing that anyone tells me when I begin warning them about their Privacy Rights and the Internet is… “I don’t have Anything to hide. Why should I care what the have on me?”

Well… Gee. In this Age of SexTapes and Orgies that find their way onto — Just about Anywhere — I guess most people Don’t think they have much to hide. After all, it’s only their Information. We tell just about All (or show just about All) on Facebook, our dating apps, or just about about anywhere else we can. At least, a lot of people.

But when you’re going for a job interview, your ‘Future Employer’ will go and sniff your Soc Media trail to check you out. And then they find you… In shall we say, ‘unprofessional positions and states of — ‘ You and your friends might not be too messed up about it, but…

And then again, you might not worry about what your Political Views are. All your friends know what you think, and who you’d like to everyone else to know. All well and good? Right?

But you might be aware that there’s a certain Person at the ‘head’ of our Government right about now, that… Well, he doesn’t like criticism. He loves to shovel it out. Make Fun of anyone and everyone he can. But He does not like people making fun of him. And he’s moving towards making sure that those that ‘do unto him’ Pay. You might be aware that he likes to take Revenge? All Fun and Games.

Then there’s this thing of how you spend your time and your money. many don’t give a shit who knows what they Buy, and, well, a lot of people WANT the whole world to know. So what if they’re tracking everything you Buy in order to Market You. Hey, saves You time and browsing if they bring what you (what They think) you want to your cyber-doorstep. Right?

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But the Dark Side of all of this is, that They (perhaps you’ve heard of the Dark Web?) want to know You better than you know Yourself. If that don’t spook the shit out of you…

But, Wait! There’s More!

In the end, it’s not only Marketing You, it’s also Tracking You. And if The Powers that Be can track you, then so can your abusive Ex-Boyfriend turned Stalker who you don’t want to meet in the wrong dark parking lot. As you’re getting into your car. Before you can do anything.

And then there’s the ‘If You do anything’ to upset the Wrong Person or Agency, by any means politically, or just merely by being say, LGBTQ or the Wrong Shade… When The Movie you liked last month, like the latest “Taken, Part 23,” turns into a Real Life Situation, then the fun and games gets very not fun. That’s why you like Horror and those kinds of Thriller Action movies. Cause They’re not like Real Life.

But also comes the State where anything but the Straight and Narrow (“The Handmaid’s Tale” anyone?) is considered to be “Unacceptable” runs up against your ideas of Freedom and how you want to live.

You’re thinking at this point, “Dude, You’re being Reaally Paranoid! None of that’s gonna happen!” And then you hear (if News is ‘your thing’) that the Trumpf Administration has moved to make certain things that they don’t like grounds for a ‘Home Inspection’ late at night, because THEY think you have something to hide. Yes, it hasn’t happened yet.

But this is the whole point. The Police can listen in on your cell phone conversations, track your late night ‘Purchases,’ and follow all of your movements with the latest ‘Scanner’ equipment (called “Stingrays”). Because…

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[“Stingrays, also known as “cell site simulators” or “IMSI catchers,” are invasive cell phone surveillance devices that mimic cell phone towers and send out signals to trick cell phones in the area into transmitting their locations and identifying information.”]

Because you have been deemed an “Enemy of the State. But you haven’t done anything wrong?! According to your beliefs.

Then there’s “Datamining” — the recording and info-building of ALL of your Data; Social Media, Purchases, Conversations with any “key words” that might or might not be legal — and selling it to Market You (or steal your Banking Info, Debit or Credit Card info, your Social Security Number) and for other reasons not in your best interest…

You might have heard of all of this, and still brush it all off. “It’s not going to hurt me.” You might not care that there are companies whose ‘free services’ you use are paid for by making thousands of dollars off of you. Each Year. ‘It’s the price of having all this free stuff.’

Except that, in this age of increasingly restricting options as far as work, privacy and other things that used to be considered Important… Might just catch up with you. If the Vice President and his ‘friends’ have their ways, Your Way of Life might be compromised soon.

It all could be just a movie or TV series plot. And then it could also be the means to do things to you and your Rights that you may not be able to prevent in the future. That’s why you need to be Aware of it now (look up “Total Information Awareness” for some cheap thrills). That’s why We need to be protesting, every time someone in Congress tries to introduce some new legislation to curb ‘Terrorists,’ and track them down.

You may be the next ‘terrorist’ that they come after. (Also look up “Krystalnacht,” when the Nazi’s Rounded up all the Jews to take them away to the Concentration Camps.) Being Aware of how your Personal Data is Used and Collected is not being Paranoid. It’s also not ‘science fiction’ that’s ‘never going to happen.’ Germany 1939.


Welcome to the DataFuck. This is just the Tip of the Information Collection. What You don’t know they know about You, may come back to Hurt You.



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