Pox Uber Tyrannis

Robin Chappell
5 min readJul 23, 2020

A Pox be on Your House. And Your Senate.


We are currently witnessing the Fall of the American Empire. And now with Donald Trumpf sending his own ‘Police’ (supposedly Homeland Security ‘Officers’), that Fall seems to be progressing at breakneck speed.

History Calls or Falls

It is said that the Pax Romanus (literally translated as “The Roman Peace” — after they had conquered whatever foreign land and people they desired — the ‘peace’ through ‘strength’ of the Roman Illusion of Power), came about through a three-fold demise.

First, the Patrician Class of Rome (the ‘Father’ class, if you will), began getting more and more addled by Inbreeding. The Emperors Claudius and Nero were two of the more obvious ‘downfalls’ (ironically for different reasons). This has led to many civilizations where the Royalty did not ‘breed’ outside of their family. Hence the Above examples.

The Second (Secundus) Reason was the addition of Lead powder and goblets: ‘sweetening’ the wine of the previously mentioned ‘Class’ with lead acetate-lined goblets, also began leading to the ‘mental’ downfall of the Upper Crust. After all, Lead was a strengthening substance. Why should it not be for the ‘gods’ of Rome?

And the Last (but not least), was the Over extension of the Roman Empire Itself. Which depended on Conquering Foreign Peoples and Lands, and ‘fortifying’ the Armies of Rome with the ‘Conquered.’

This was also how Rome got it’s Slave Population in general, leading ‘True Romans’ to be in the minority, both in the populace and in the ‘loyal’ Soldiers.

‘Slaves’ began to outnumber the ‘Romans.’ Of course, there were never that many actual ‘Romans’ that were of ‘pure Italian’ blood. Many Romans were lower echelon Roman Soldiers (conscripts from those ‘conquered’ territories), who rose through the ranks of being the aforementioned soldiers to become ‘elevated Citizens.’

Add to this a little ‘infighting’ (backstabbing, literally) to the mix and Hence… The Fall.

England experienced much the same with their ‘over-colonization’ of The World as well. They ‘conquered’ even more Countries and Peoples however than the Romans ever did, and of course once those Peoples had been ‘conquered’ and…

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