From the Micro to the MACRO

“Oh, Wow! Reality! What a Concept!” — Morcus of Orcus

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Every day, we wake up from our “dream state,” roll out of bed and begin our day. From the moment we open our eyes, everything appears to us to be “solid” — something that most of us never question, indeed even think about.

We go through our day depending on rituals and preset actions that we don’t vary from day to day. Most of us do not think of ‘whether reality is real’ or not. We grab the steering wheel and stomp on the brake (hopefully) when someone starts careening into our lane and attempting to ‘occupy the same space’ as Your car does. Most of us rely on the minutiae of the day — the micro of our lives — to get us through each day until, that magic moment at night when we (once again hopefully) ‘fall asleep.’ We don’t question The Big Stuff. As the Saying goes, “it’s all small stuff.” Until it isn’t.

We don’t question the solidity of the mattress, the steering wheel, the weights at the gym. Or the solidity of our desks at work (until we retire, that is). Because we can’t. We don’t question (once again, for the most part), what we remember from our lives (the Small Stuff). As my sister and another friend of mine have told me, they remember ALL of their lives. Every day. Which is an impossibility. We don’t question our basic ‘knowledge’ of Who We Are. We take all of it on assumption.

We don’t question the “Solidity” of our World, even though science now tells us that Nothing is truly Solid. What is called the Weak Force of Gravity, repels the atoms in that steering wheel from those of your hand, helping in that change of direction which we did not prep or count on, prior to that second before potential impact. Most of us don’t question much of Anything in our lives (besides other peoples sanity — but that’s a whole ‘nother story). To do so might send us reeling into a mental Abyss. And so, back to our daily rituals.

Every day that we are alive — indeed every second, every micro second — our brains are deluged with raw data coming into the neocortex. We have our Five Senses (now postulated to some as Seven, not counting the even more basic processes) taking in bytes of data — that smell of diner, the sight of the oncoming car, the touch of that desk during the day — Every Second. count that times 60 every minute, and so on and so forth. Every Single Day. That amounts to a LOT of data to process. This is why it’s been postulated for a numb of years, that our dreams being as chaotic as they are, are the nightly processing of the Daily Sensory Dump. Insomnia? ‘What’s in YOUR Wallop?’

Rituals and well trodden paths throughout our Days is the way we handle and minimize the input we do. By doing everything the same way we did it yesterday… And the Day Before. And the Day Before that. We make ourselves just a little bit less crazy at night. Hopefully. This is the reason that we go the Same Way to Work each day that we did yesterday (Waze these daze notwithstanding). We stick to our Ritual because, as one of my friends says, “That way I don’t get lost.”

Our mental constructs, which were embedded in our consciousness from the moment we came into this life until our ‘Educational Years’ were finished (mainly those of our “Formative Years”[Birth until about Seven]), help us navigate The World — and supposedly — the Rest of Our Lives. They inform not only our View of the Physical world, but of the ‘Religious/Spiritual’ as well.

Our Views (especially Political) are crafted during these years as well. We are often formed in ‘concrete’ and become unavailable to change because of this. What is “Right” and What is “Wrong” are part of this, almost as physical in essence in our lives as “This is a Table. Can you say, ‘Table?’”

Those of us who ‘see’ things beyond this “Consensus Reality” therefore become “Mentally Ill.” There is no such thing as Ghosts, is as much part of that “Consensus” as to some “You MUST Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior into your life.” Even Freud once said when it came to symbols and constructs, “Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar.” Until it isn’t.

So our sensory input is the ‘micro level’ that we deal with every day. We don’t generally deal with the Macro — Things like Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Biology and Life on Other Planets. We deal with This Life Here Right Now, and not Life Out There. We don’t deal with the Macro issues such as the illusion of the ‘solidity’ of this Life.

And that, dear friends, is part of the ‘Greater Reality’ of which Science is now hinting at. Between the Placebo Effect (to the great consternation of many “Old School” Newtonian Scientists) is not supposed to exist in the Physical Realm, to the testing of “Quantum Entanglement” (what Einstein called “Spooky Action at a distance”), the ‘solidity’ of the Basic Belief Structure of Science (prior to Quantum Physics) is at the ‘cracks forming in the Earth to swallow us up’ stage. This ‘Reality’ ain’t so ‘Real’ anymore.

This Macro level of shifting Models of What Life Is and What Life Means is expanding beyond what Science heretofore was able to allow as Reality. Even though the ‘cracks’ have been evident for some time now. The ‘Physical Reality’ of this ‘Reality’ is giving way to the ‘Space’ which is becoming more and more evident.

The first step in the “Science Fiction” (“Beam me up, Scottie!”) of Teleportation has already been accomplished (Quantum Entanglement Transport, if you will). The idea of “Warp Travel” is also being experimentally explored and not dusted away as that still “Fictional” aspect of “Popular Entertainment.” Perhaps you’re reading this on your Communicator right now? You know, that “SF” Construct that was supposedly never going to happen, known as your Cell Phone?

The MACRO side of Life is becoming more and more evidently pushing into this “fragile State” of “What Is” more and more. The Soviets (now just The Russians), had been experimenting in this Macro level since the 1960’s, with such scientific anathemas as ‘Psychic Manipulation of Reality’ known as Telekinesis and Remote Viewing. But so also have the CIA and such ‘fringe elements’ as Stanford University.

The Placebo Effect (the ‘Mind’ deciding, based on What It Has Been Told) that a Sugar Pill is a miracle Drug, has still not been effectively dismissed or dis-proven. The ‘eternal’ bugaboo of Science since it was discovered back in the 1940’s, it has continued to perplex and vex those Scientists for whom it can not be ‘possible.’ “This Life is a Physical World Only and does not have anything other than the Physical,” never mind Placebos and Quantum Constructs defying the ‘solidity’ of Their Beliefs.

We are now at the place where the world was right before the Reformation and the Enlightenment that preceded the Age of Reason. We are experiencing what has long been called a Quantum Shift in our perception of ‘Reality.’ That Paradigm Shift will have consequences similar to that earlier transformation from The Church as The (Religious) World, to The World as Scientifically Validate-able and quantifiable that has led us to Where We Are Now.

Science must confront and validate that which it has previously denied. We are at the threshold of a Wormhole that will transport us to Other Worlds. Or open us to the Greater World in which we already are. We are no longer at the “This and Nothing More” Model of What Is. We need to Evolve — Consciously this time — into this Knowing of the Macro beyond the Micro of which we have dedicated our Lives to up to this point. It’s time to learn, ‘This is not a Table.’ This can be Anything that we Want it To Be (or Not To Be).

It is time for the antiquated beliefs with which “SCIENCE!” has had us by the Minds of, and journey into that Mysterious World that lies Just Beyond “Where No Man or Woman has Gone Before.” It’s not only a positive step, but a Necessity. If we want This World to survive. It’s Time for a Miracle. It’s Time for some scientific ‘Wizard’ to bring the Macro into the Micro. It’s Time for ‘Mankind’ to Grow Up.

It’s a Big World (Multiverse) out there. Somebody’s got to Explore It!



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Robin Chappell

Robin Chappell

I Think, and I Know Things. I Create, Therefore I Am. Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Author of the Collection of Short Stories “Dreams, Desires, and Dead Ends.”