Not to start my Publishing Career on a sour note, but…

At last… My Career has come alive… No longer penniless days, I’ll thrive…

Traditional Publishing has always been “The Right Way” to become a “Published Author.” One needed to create a Book Proposal (Once upon a Time…), have A…

— like Hell, is paved with potholes and discoveries.

©2021 Robin Chappell/21st Century daVinci, LLC

When the Dream is Big Enough, not everyone is going to understand HOW BIG Big is.

I’ve been Dreaming this Dream for all of my adult life.

When I was 18, by the time I was 30 I thought I was…

Try instead for the Law of Intention

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It was just a few years ago, when the whole law of attraction movement began. All you had to do was set your dreams on having a big house, a lot of cars, and either a boat, or a private jet.

Ah… Dream It and It will Come!

Except that…

And Know We’re not ‘Fine’

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I’ve had this conversation a lot lately, with both friends and family.

It goes,’Oh, they’ve been warning that the End of the World has been coming, ever since I was a child.’ …

If you want to be a Writer, do you write ever idea you have down? Why not?

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“What do you do to get past Writer’s Block?”

Nothing, acutally. Or maybe, everything?

I don’t have this thing called Writer’s Block. In fact, I have just the opposite. …

Down Time and Up Time — and all the transitions

(© The Author)

Everyone needs “Down Time.” Right?

“You’re trying to do too much. Why can’t you just… take a day off?” one of my best friends says.

Sounds nice. But I’m not getting enough done as it is. I don’t live the…

And how do you know? And 'Oh, we keep on finding new discoveries...' Because? We literally have only barely scratched the "surface" of this Planet. The Sahara Dessert for instance, could 'hide' a great many different 'things' from our past.

Oh, the usual answer of Why We have't found Advanced Civilizations, perhaps of Extraterrestrial Origin, is because --"We Would have found the Technology."

New Finds are happening every day. New Technology -- like LIDAR -- are opening up new possibilities of exploration. Oh, and did I mention, we've only begun to explore the Ocean Depths? Only about 5% so far.

Don't allow scientific hubris free reign to dismiss possibilities that have not occurred to you, or allowed you to find anything but what You are 'expecting' to find.

Stay Younger, and you’ll Live Longer

“It’s never too late — never to late to start over, never too late to be happy.” — — Jane Fonda

Yes, I’m Old. A “man of a certain age.”

“What a drag it is getting older!”

And yes, I have ‘hearing problems.’ And…

Writers set Release Dates, and God Laughs.

© the Author from Public Domain material

Tis been the long Winter of our Dissed Content. It’s been a long 10–12 years for me, but then of course, the last two or three years for all of Us haven’t exactly been a cake walk either.

The Life as a Writer…

Robin Chappell

I Think, and I Know Things. I Create, Therefore I Am. Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Author of soon-to-be published collection of Short Stories (Title tba).

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