If you want to be a Writer, do you write ever idea you have down? Why not?

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

“What do you do to get past Writer’s Block?”

Nothing, acutally. Or maybe, everything?

I don’t have this thing called Writer’s Block. In fact, I have just the opposite. …

Down Time and Up Time — and all the transitions

(© The Author)

Everyone needs “Down Time.” Right?

“You’re trying to do too much. Why can’t you just… take a day off?” one of my best friends says.

Sounds nice. But I’m not getting enough done as it is. I don’t live the…

Robin Chappell

I Think, and I Know Things. I Create, Therefore I Am. Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Author of soon-to-be published collection of Short Stories (Title tba).

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